Branding project

I was given the project of updating the outdated house style for Thuredrith, an organisational consultancy company.

It was important to them to express their rock solid professionalism and integrity, and also to incorporate a small amount of their original identity.

The solution

I used their colours, blue and grey and updated their house style with a clean minimalistic design. An image of a lion statue was chosen to portray trust and calm strength. I carried that theme throughout the communication with crops of classical buildings.

The main purpose of the website was to showcase the clients image and philosophy. I made the navigation simple, no-nonsense and incorporated a modern, easy to read one-page  structure.

The deliverables
  • An updated classical yet modern logo
  • A fully responsive one page website
  • Business cards and letter paper in house style
  • Flyer announcing new website and house style

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