Branding project

A new female-focused wellness practice needed a house style communicating health for body, mind & spirit.

Because I am a big believer in the healthy maintenance of these three pillars of life, and also because of the female specialisation, this project was an obvious fit for me.

The solution

I created a house style on the concept of relaxation and spirituality.

The client particularly wanted a butterfly in her logo, so I designed a butterfly icon with an internal pattern representing two warm hands, doubling as a heart.

The marketing materials were targeted to young professional women, busy and starting families. I used relaxed and happy imagery and feminine colours which would appeal to this target market.

The deliverables
  • holistic inspired logo
  • easy to manage cms website
  • several flyer designs
  • business cards
  • gift certificates

For my new wellness practice, Ki & Sento, I was looking for a professional graphic designer. It’s very hard to find someone who needs a few words to understand what you want.

After only one meeting Kris knew exactly what I wanted. The beautiful and professional designs that she came up with amazed me.

I’ve gotten very positive reactions and I’m convinced her work has helped my professional image and bring in all the new business I’m enjoying.

Joyce Blok

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