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Think about this:

  • Users are looking for information. Fast.

  • By striving for simplicity in your content you will help your customers find what they want

  • I can help you find this happy balance

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 Here are 5 things I consider with every design

1. Easy to read layouts

Creating scannable layouts make it easy for a vistor to browse your website.

According to the Nielson Norman Group’s report, “How Users Read on the Web,” websites with a clear and scannable layout have a 47% usability improvement.

And while the eye track tested F-pattern should be kept in consideration, a page can be just as effective when paying attention to good content chunking. Organising your content into chunks makes it mentally and visually easier for a user to process your page. Here are few key content chunking tips:


  • Always start with a hero (large centred image that describes the page)
  • Create sections topped with headings and/or images
  • Use numbers to chunk content
  • Keep paragraphs short and use bullet points

2. Clear visual design heirarchy

According to the Gestalt psychology, the human mind searches for meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world. With the information overload we live with today, it’s important to make content easy to digest. Here are just 3 things to think about:


The eye is always drawn to bold, contrasting color in a design.


The mind will attach larger objects with more importance.


Columns and grids can be used to guide a viewers eye around a page.

3. Embrace white space

White space reduces visual overload, makes it easier to digest information and it can increase the perceived value of a product.

4. Top typography

Less is more

Try not to use more than two typefaces and three different sizes on one page which will make a cleaner, easier to read design.


Adjust leading so that lines of text read comfortably and watch kerning so that characters don’t bleed into or spring away from each other.

When using full sentences, separate important points into paragraphs and use bold text to highlight key words which a user will pick out while scanning text. Pay attention to how lines of text break so that paragraphs form tidy shapes. It is best to create either a slightly curved or slightly jagged edge.


Bullet points separate blocks of text into tidy chunks so the reader can take in what you’re saying.
Bullets are:

  • tidy
  • good at emphasising important points
  • make it apparent that the reader is looking at a list

5. Last but not least: Consistency!

Good branding should present itself in all your content design. Use the same fonts, same colors and same layouts for every platform, both online and offline.

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