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  • creating content that’s just begging to be shared

  • not having to juggle and co-ordinate between copywriters and designers

  • getting a bilingual native English copywriter who gets the whole localisation issue

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Getting (to) your customers…

As a native English copywriter, I can quip the coolest & funniest text for your media in a snap. I create marketing copywriting which is informative and entertaining, and strengthens brand trust & rapport.

How do I do this? I get into the head of your target group. If you have an analysis of who your ideal customer is, great! If not, I’ll help you make one. The best way to connect is to know who you’re really talking to. I get specific. Male or female? Teenager, young adult or retiree? City, suburbs or rural? Family type or career tiger? Facebook or Instagram?

Once I know who I should be talking to, I use references in my copywriting from their favourite tv shows, music, books, YouTube films. I talk about product benefits from their point of view. What keeps them up at night, what do they need and drool over in their lives? I keep it down-to-earth and talk to them one-on-one, from the heart.

I write in English but understand that your company may need multiple translations for localisation. English copy can be really cool but sometimes totally untranslatable. For these cases, I create secondary options. If you like, I can also manage the translation process so that you get the most intuitive version of my text in French, Spanish, German, etc. Added bonus is that I’m fluent in Dutch and can help you brainstorm your copy and even translate.

If you need an intuitive English copywriter, I can support you in your campaign.


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