1. I’ve been rolling with the top dogs for over 15 years

I love online retail, and the kind of insane reach international brands get. It’s exciting to learn how to approach every individual culture and then to see your work go out there and touch people all over the world. Plus, I’ve got to work with some of the best designers and marketers in the business. They say the best way to learn how to be the best is to surround yourself with the best. It’s a never ending road, but I’m lovin the ride!

I love shopping

Because I’m a designer, specialized in online retail, I’m constantly cruising the net, shopping, er, researching the best webshops. How do you make web shopping the most rewarding experience possible? I really believe that it’s everybody’s right to look great and feel good about themselves. My goal is to create an experience that allows customers to make educated and inspired decisions. Have you ever bought a beautiful item, which you kept for years and loved like an extension of yourself? I think that’s just A-OK.

I’m artsy, without the fartsy

As a teenager, trolling the art department with a camera around my neck and paint brush tucked into my overalls, you might have expected me to be kind of tortured and angst-ridden, but I wasn’t. I listened to Phil Collins. I wore Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Something about me was off, a weird kind of left brain/right brain balance. Luckily, I made the decision to go into graphic design and develop a passion for marketing. Fast forward to today. I promise to never tell you that a cta won’t fit in a design.

I work well with others

Contrary to the common belief that designers are introverts, I love working in a social environment. That’s one reason why I took a workspace in Vechtclub XL Studios. It is a veritable creative breeding ground and also a great source of freelance professional expertise. When I need help, I just hang my head out the door and shout. We can come up with new ideas you may not have thought of or didn’t think was possible within your budget. Wanna make a game? I got somebody. Need last minute photos of a product? I got somebody. A behind the scenes video? Yup, I’ve got somebody.

I dream about inspiring people

I’ve seen it all. There have been ups and downs. I’ve seen how beautiful life can really be when you throw yourself in mind, body and soul. Accepting challenges, going beyond your fears but allowing yourself to be human and learning to accept others for their own quirks, too. I feel it’s my turn to share some of this wisdom. Luckily, the clients I work with have a similar vision. This is where the magic happens. What’s your vision?

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